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NOVEMBER — Gobbles, Gadgets, & Grinch

Hello Dear Reader,

Ho, ho, hello! I ho-ho-hoped you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and the season of giving. Now, I’m sure a majority of people just considered it as a speed bump in their Yuletide celebrations, but that’s no reason not to reflect on this yummy holiday. Nevertheless, I can take a hint and embrace the new section of the year. In other words, I’ve finally dusted off my Christmas music. It’s the perfect background for my holiday writing; Dean Martin is a welcome scribbling companion. 

I have a little pre-Christmas gift to give to you before December and the rest of the holiday season truly takes over. Let’s call it an appetizer, shall we? But before that, let’s get on to our newsletter regulars. 


The only way Thanksgiving will be as popular as Christmas…

Verse of the Month

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Proverbs 19:21 ESV


Now for the main event of this newsletter… Are you stumped over what to give your family member for Christmas? Confused over what your friends might enjoy? Discombobulated over what the perfect gift for your significant other might be? Well, fear no more, for I have come to the rescue. Even if one of these ideas aren’t exactly what your special person might want, it’ll definitely get the wheels turning in your head and led to the ultimate present!

And are you ready for your special gift?


  1. Servina, The Friendly Dog by Sara Gherasim

Well, well, well, surprise, surprise – I wrote a children’s book! The official announcement won’t come just yet, so you are the first to know! Not only the first to know, but also the first who is able to order it online and get dibs!

This is a true story about how our beloved dog became a part of our family. This story will appeal to children with fears and how to overcome them. This book will help children who are looking for friends and will show them they come in unexpected places and forms. 

It’s a personal children’s gift idea favorite of mine. Great for any age and a perfect way to spend time together while having some wholesome entertainment. 

2. Spot it!

Once you’re done reading the book, you can whip out a friendly game of Spot it!. This game works for all ages, as it’s simple, but still highly competitive. Also, it’s great for the brain as a muscle memory game, training the eyes and mind to focus on more than just one thing.

3. Hand Puppet Kit

This no-mess craft can keep the child occupied for hours! First, they make and design a handcrafted puppet and then afterwards there’s hours of playtime fun!


1. The Abditory by Sara Gherasim

Since you’re subscribed to my newsletter, I’m sure I don’t need to say much about this particular item. It’s great for girls and boys as there is action, adventure, while still a touch of romance, and mystery. This light read can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike.

2. Codenames: Picture Game

If you thought Spot it! was fun, here is the extreme version. If you’ve played the original Codenames, this is the same concept, but with pictures instead of words. Great for parties or a gathering of friends. 

3. The Perfect Toiletry Bag

The flexible outside of the case is exactly what you need to keep your toiletries and/or makeup inside the bag, while still being able to actually see everything that’s inside. Babe, if you’re reading this *cough* *cough*.

4. Acoustic Guitar

It’s never too late to learn an instrument. This acoustic guitar is the perfect beginner tool to guide on a musical journey. It’s not only good for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced players as well!


1. Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

This aesthetic, no-mess grinder set fits any and every kitchen. This no battery set is easy, both in maintenance and cleaning, and will a great addition to your home. 

2. Fridge Magnetic Shelves

Get some extra storage space while keeping your kitchen clean and organized. These magnetic shelves are great for spices, teas, coffee, and so much more!

3. Beard Bib Apron

This is just as much of a gift for the ladies as it is for men. This beard apron will keep the bathroom spotless, leaving your bathroom the way you found it!

4. MoCuishle Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

A heated neck massager – need I say more? 


First, let me just make an obvious statement — there is only one more newsletter before the end of the year! *insert internal girly scream here* That being said, I think it will be the most special one yet. In the midst of the season of giving, you won’t want to miss our ode to 2023 and all that it entailed. I’ll see you back here on December 28 and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the official Servina book announcement via Instagram and Facebook!

See You Next Month!